Hernia Surgery

Hernias and Hernia Surgery

There are many different types of abdominal hernias. Most commonly they occur in the groin and are called inguinal hernias. Hernias can also occur in the midline of the abdomen, those at the umbilicus are called para-umbilical hernias, midline hernias above the umbilicus are usually called epigastric or ventral hernias. Hernias can also result from previous abdominal surgery, when a weakness occurs in the abdominal wall under the scar. Hernias through a previous incision are called incisional hernias. Future avoidance of large incisional hernias, is one of the major advantages of laparoscopic surgery.

Hernias can be repaired with laparoscopic or conventional surgery. There are advantages and disadvantages for each approach, with some hernias being better suited to laparoscopic surgery than others. Patients need a full explanation of the types of surgery that are appropriate to their hernia. This is usually performed in clinic.

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