Laparoscopic Surgery

Guy Slater specialised in keyhole or laparoscopic surgery, during his surgical training, recognising the marked advantages it has over conventional surgery. In time, the majority of gastro-intestinal operations will be done this way. 

Laparoscopic surgery offers short and long-term advantages. In the long-term, using laparoscopic surgery to avoid a large abdominal incision, reduces the incidence of large incisional hernias and abdominal wall failure, which can be very difficult to manage.

In the short-term laparoscopic surgery, reduces pain allowing an earlier discharge from hospital, to the point where many patients can go home the same day. From a surgeon's perspective, the better view afforded by the surgery enables more accurate surgery. It is for this reason that laparoscopic weight loss surgery is safer than the old fashioned surgery through a large abdominal wall incision.

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